Adding Memberships

What is memberships?

Memberships are basically packages that you sell in your gym / fitness studio. Example: 1 year Gym Membership, 6 months Personal Training Membership, 1 week Zumba Membership.

How to add memberships?

 On the left navigation menu goto Memberships & Plans > Add New Membership. You will see a page with a 3 steps form.

Step 1: Membership Details

Membership name: 

The name by which you want to identify this membership. Eg. Gold, Zumba, Pilates, etc

Membership price:

The amount (excluding tax) at which you are selling the membership. 


The validity time period for this membership. Eg. 15 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, etc. Enter the duration in number in the text field and select the duration type from the drop down.

Personal Training membership:

If yes, then check the box.

Consider for Access Control:

Check this box when want this membership's validity to be passed to the access control device.

Click Next.

Step 2: Session Details

Enter the number of sessions:

If the membership has sessions, enter the number of sessions to be allowed in the membership. 

Count session by:

Session count is either by Class Bookings, Attendance, or QR Code scan.

  • Class Bookings: This option is connected with the Class Calendar feature. When a member has purchased a membership that is connected to Class, the session count will be adjusted when class booking is made.
  • Attendance: In this option, the session count will be adjusted when the members marks their attendance either by scanning the attendance QR code or via the biometric device.
  • QR Code: This option is generally used for Personal Training memberships. The session count will be adjusted when the member generates a QR code in their member app, and the trainer scans the QR code from the Okfit Manager app.

Step 3: Connect to Class

Connect to Class:

This membership can be connected to multiple classes. When a membership is connected to a class, the member can avail booking to all the classes included in this membership after they purchase this membership.

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