Freezing of Membership

What is Freeze Membership?

Freezing Membership allows the member to extend their membership validity by X days if they are unable to utilise their membership days due to any genuine reason.   

The members can use the Freeze Membership option solely on the discretion of the Terms set by their gym's management.

How to Freeze Membership?

On the Member's Profile page, goto the Details tab.

Next, from the Action column of the specific membership select Freeze Membership.

A dialog box appears asking for the Start date & End date of freezing the membership. Once the dates are entered, click on Save. The membership freeze period has been set for this particular member.

Can Membership be Unfreezed?

Membership can be unfreezed for:

1. Future freeze duration

If the Membership freeze duration has not yet started, the membership can be unfreezed and the freeze duration can be removed.

2. In-between freeze duration

If the freeze duration is ongoing, the membership can be unfreezed and the membership end date will be adjusted according to the freeze days utilised.

Membership cannot be unfreezed after the end of freeze duration.

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